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Editorial: Finding balance during holidays

Finding balance during holidays

Letter to the Editor: Walden words untrue

To the editor: Since our Congressional District 2 Representative Greg Walden chairs the House Energy and Commerce Committee I periodically search the House bills he is advancing. These days I really don’t favor his allegiance to the Trump agenda and I don’t trust that which he brags about as being good for Oregon is necessarily true.

Letter to the Editor: Misled by falsehood

To the editor: Isaak Kemp, mentioned in “Teen attends advocacy training,” deserves respect and encouragement in caring about the environment and what we do to the planet. However, if he is basing information on climate and climate change by what Al Gore says, he is being misled by falsehood.

Letter to the Editor: Free society

To the editor: With the advent of the internet, we live in the most amazing time in history. Never before has access to all the world’s knowledge and information been available to everyone. All this is being threatened as the FCC votes to roll back net neutrality on Dec. 14.

Letter to the Editor: Hypocritical

To the editor: Never strangers to hypocrisy, Democrats have outdone themselves with their sudden conversion to sexual harassment warriors.

Letter to the Editor: Tax cut vote

To the editor: After seeing how the tax cut vote went in the Senate, I would like to ask Congressman Greg Walden: please give my sincerest gratitude to Senator Susan Collins of Maine for the good job she did representing your constituents.

Letter to the Editor: Troop support efforts

To the editor: The Holiday for Heroes Committee and Point Man Ministries want to thank community members who stepped up in November to help fill and ship Christmas packages for troops in Afghanistan and other points in the Middle East. Thanks to your generosity, we were able to send out 85 boxes of snacks and hygiene items.

Letter to the Editor: Getting the bum steer

To the editor: Did you know that those infamous, insolent, cruel and callous cowpunchers are actually not the big, bad, baleful bovine bullies they’re made out to be?

Crosstalk: Is GOP tax plan good for America?

Is GOP tax plan good for America?

Letter to the Editor: Manage forests

To the editor: The Eagle Creek fire is essentially out, and so is the chest-pounding big talk about forest management from D.C. politicians. We continue to spend more money fighting forest fires than it would cost to responsibly manage our forests.

Letter to the Editor: Flawed tax bill

To the editor: People's eyes tend to glaze over when talk turns to taxes, the budget deficit and federal debt. That’s unfortunate, because they need to know that the tax cuts being rushed through Congress will not only affect taxes and the deficit, but also severely impact the future of Medicare and Social Security.

Letter to the Editor: Heartbreaking

To the editor: Why must horses be near death or dead before the authorities do anything about it?

Letter to the Editor: Male privilege

To the editor: It is male privilege, predominantly white male privilege.

Editorial: Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Guest Column: Get facts about HAL firsthand, get involved

Guest column by Kathy Norton